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Episode No. 11 – The American Revolution on Philly’s Streets

The United States of America was street tested in Philly. From the chaos of the American Revolution, to its role as the national capital of…

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Episode No. 7 – Women and the Centennial

Women are organizing to fund raise for the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, a moment when our city and our nation will be at the…

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Episode No. 3 – The Life and Times of Caroline R. Le Count: Part 1

An important moment of the Civil Rights movement happened right here in Philadelphia, and it took place nearly 100 years earlier than the well-known demonstrations…


Episode No. 2 – The Aftermath of the Germantown Protest

Early colonial Philadelphia was a place of contention. Colonists had strong opinions about what this Quaker experiment should look like, and they didn’t always agree.…

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Episode No. 1 – The Germantown Protest of 1688

I became interested in the story of the Germantown Protest of 1688 after hearing about it on another podcast, the “Seeing White” series by the Scene…

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