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The backstory

Philadelphia is a treasure trove of stories. Many of these stories are hidden in plain sight. We walk by them everyday and don’t see them. Other stories we think we know, but we don’t look close enough to see the details.

The Found in Philadelphia podcast aims to bring these stories into focus, to introduce you to the places and people of Philadelphia, and to help you see the city with new eyes. Each story will highlight a moment in Philadelphia’s past that still impacts us today. Every podcast will take you on a field trip in the city that you can experience yourself.

Meet your host

Lori Aument has been working on historic sites in Philadelphia for nearly 20 years. Still, she discovers fascinating new things about the city all the time. Her expertise is in the history of architecture and the practical methods needed to protect and repair historic sites. Through both professional and volunteer work, Lori peels back the layers of a site’s history in order to develop appropriate repairs for its future. She lives, works, and raises her kids in Philadelphia.


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