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Episode No. 4 – The Life and Times of Caroline R. Le Count: Part 2

A city at war with a not-so-distant enemy, hospitals overwhelmed and spilling over into temporary tents, nurses asking citizens to donate critical supplies, it’s Philadelphia…

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Episode No. 3 – The Life and Times of Caroline R. Le Count: Part 1

An important moment of the Civil Rights movement happened right here in Philadelphia, and it took place nearly 100 years earlier than the well-known demonstrations…


Episode No. 2 – The Aftermath of the Germantown Protest

Early colonial Philadelphia was a place of contention. Colonists had strong opinions about what this Quaker experiment should look like, and they didn’t always agree.…

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Episode No. 1 – The Germantown Protest of 1688

I became interested in the story of the Germantown Protest of 1688 after hearing about it on another podcast, the “Seeing White” series by the Scene…

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