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Tag: History

Episode No. 18 – Philly Streets in the Gilded Age: Depression, Development, and Deadly Trolleys

Despite cycles of economic depression, Philadelphia transformed during the Gilded Age. Entire neighborhoods sprang up to house a growing population. Major infrastructure projects changed how…

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Episode No. 14 – Violence in the Streets: The Origins of our Modern City

What kind of city did Philadelphia want to be? There were lots of different opinions in the 1840s and 1850s, but everyone agreed: it did…

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Episode No. 11 – The American Revolution on Philly’s Streets

The United States of America was street tested in Philly. From the chaos of the American Revolution, to its role as the national capital of…

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Episode No. 7 – Women and the Centennial

Women are organizing to fund raise for the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, a moment when our city and our nation will be at the…

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Episode No. 1 – The Germantown Protest of 1688

I became interested in the story of the Germantown Protest of 1688 after hearing about it on another podcast, the “Seeing White” series by the Scene…

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