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Tag: Streets

REBROADCAST Episode No. 4 – The Fight for Philly’s Streetcars

We’re rebroadcasting this earlier episode about the Black community’s fight to integrate Philly’s streetcars in the years following the Civil War 1865-1871. This story fits…

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Episode No. 16 – Civil War Flows through Philly Streets

Philadelphia, like the rest of the nation, was poorly prepared for war. When the Civil War broke out, the cobbled-together city became a key part…

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Episode No. 12 – Philly Streets in the Early Republic

Life overflowed onto the streets of Philadelphia in the Early Republic. The streets were intensely social spaces, but could also be extremely dangerous. As the…

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Episode No. 11 – The American Revolution on Philly’s Streets

The United States of America was street tested in Philly. From the chaos of the American Revolution, to its role as the national capital of…

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