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Tag: Streets

Episode No. 12 – Philly Streets in the Early Republic

Life overflowed onto the streets of Philadelphia in the Early Republic. The streets were intensely social spaces, but could also be extremely dangerous. As the…

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Episode No. 11 – The American Revolution on Philly’s Streets

The United States of America was street tested in Philly. From the chaos of the American Revolution, to its role as the national capital of…

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Episode No. 10 – Philly Streets in the 1700s

Philadelphia in the 1700s is a tale of two cities. The city is innovative and forward thinking about improving public spaces. But the city is…

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Episode No. 9 – A Guide to Why Streets Matter, plus Philly’s Early Streets

Streets are our most basic, and fundamental, public spaces. Cities can’t work without them. But we tend to take them for granted. The everyday-ness of…

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Episode No. 8 – History of the Street… Coming soon!

At long last… the Found in Philadelphia podcast is back with a new series about the history of Philly’s streets. It’s been… a pandemic. But…

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